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R&D Center

●Yantai Donghui has comprehensively grasped and formed the complete theoretical basis and manufacturing process system for powder coating production
●The Chinese Chemical Industry Standard of Powder Coating Production Equipment will soon be released publicly. Yantai Donghui is the compiler for this chemical industry standard.
●Yantai Donghui has been focusing on technical innovation and management innovation, many developed equipments obtained patents. Yantai Donghui has applied for more than ten patents, of which eight won the certificate.
●In 2007, the DLJ-S series of single-screw extruder with four rows of pins was developed, its manufacturing technology reaches to the international advanced level, with better mixing effect. During the powder equipment industry in China, Yantai Donghui is the only one who have this technology.
●Cooperated with the B&P process Co. (USA), Yantai Donghui new developed G series of high speed twin screw extruder, which is characterized with better mixing effect, more stable performance and higher reliability, by optimizing the gear box. This development of new series had also enriched the powder coating line configuration options for powder coating manufacturer.
●In 2008, The Low-noise Series mill was successfully developed, it accords with PRS11 explosion-proof requirements and is characterized with high yield and zero pollution emission, so it can meet the customers' high requirements. The technology has been granted the certificate which issued by the national Patent Office.