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Dear customers and friends:
Welcome to our websites.  
We are delighted that you have shown interest in Donghui Company.
From the modest beginnings of its minimum scale in Yantai Tariff-free Zone, Donghui Company is always a place for continuous innovation and growth; and now, Donghui has become the first brand approved by the powder coating industry. Once the thought of when they had a filling need of new machine, Donghui would be called to their mind firstly. Not only did Donghui create faster, more precise and reliable machines, but they were durable machines but that we stood behind with exceptional customer and technical service.
Donghui company was established as that listened to its customers, and understood and cared about their needs. In keeping with those needs and values, Donghui created viable and innovative solutions. Here at Donghui we proudly continue this tradition. We listen, we relate, we innovate—but, above all, we care.
As head of our new leadership team, I am committed to ensuring that we produce equipment that only we would buy, I care not only about the quality of our products but about the individuals who create them, use them and are affected by their use. Now, more than ever, my team is committed to using the information we glean from our customers to anticipate their future needs. We believe that, by giving our customers more than they could expect or even imagine, we will continue to lead the advancing direction of the industry.   
Along with R & D capability enhancement, we have stepped firmly toward becoming the international first-class chemical equipment manufacturer. We are proud of our glorious past, but more yearning for outdoing ourselves. 
We look forward to becoming trusted partners and collaborating with you on your next project.
October, 2013