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Our Strategy
To meet the different customer's needs is always our driving forces to forge ahead. For the requirements of the fast growing market for low-cost powder coating, Yantai Donghui continue to update the existing products and develop the new ones. This sophisticated product portfolio of pwoder coating machines covers the entire spectrum of the powder coating produdtion industry and meets the most diverse customer demands for the highly cost efficient manufacture of simple mass and high-precision production machinery.
Yantai Donghui Powder coating production machine covers the all the applications in the standard segment, and can fullfill international quality standards.
Our Commission
We are committed to attaining world-class quality status in our products. The goals of our business are "shorten our delivery time, enhance the quality and reduce costs.
Each member of our team serves our clients by providing excellence in quality value, on-time delivery. the achievement results in customer satisfaction and increased market opportunity.
In pursuing our commission, DONGHUI will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that we provide the ultimate solution along with keep develop