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Belt Granulating Machine

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LZJ Series Rotary Belt cold condensation machine features:

1. Extrusion machine material thickness is conducive to transport, storage and use, are conducive to the production and use of operating conditions to improve the environment, improve product quality.

2. Using a thin strip forced heat and spray cooling, rapid cooling to hot-melt materials, curing, production efficiency has improved significantly.

3. And strip distributor drive with stepless adjustment, according to production capacity and material properties of continuous adjustment control.

4. Step control by temperature controller of the point temperature, the temperature of materials and material state stability, grain quality and reliable assurance.

5. Change in the discharge end of the strip to bend, so that curing the combination of particles and surfaces easy to peel off strip.

Distributor works:

Distributor driven by variable speed motors, supplied by the feed system after re-melting materials, heating, and then the material is divided into strips or sheets, spread to the drag from the speed motor stainless steel belt. Strip on the back of the forced cooling effect of cooling water are dispersed into the steel material is cooled quickly on the solidification and cooling solidified strip and sheet and other shapes growth. Main purposes:

LZJ series granulators suitable for low melting point, cooling the material after solidification granulation, such as phenolic resin, sulfur, paraffin, pitch, rosin and rosin resin, carved white block, maleic anhydride, nitro chloro benzene, antioxidant ( RD, 4010Na, 4020, etc.), MOCA, EVA hot-melt stearate, fatty acids, partial anhydride, aluminum sulfate, calcium chloride, polyamide resin, m-phenylenediamine, catechol, sodium hydrosulfide, ring epoxy resin, emulsion explosives, rubber processing additives, refined p-dichlorobenzene and other materials.

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