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Customer Service

The worldwide positioning of Yantai Donghui all around the globe is safeguarded by a comprehensive service.
"We are always close to our customers"
Competitive advantage for all our customers worldwide
Through the permanent availability of services and spare parts, we create crucial competitive advantages for all our customers worldwide. All relevant spare parts and machine types are on stock.
A steadily growing network
With the brand awareness and loyalty continuous improvement, Yantai Donghui has extended this logistic support for our customers to a decisive scale: Our steadily growing sales & service network of highly qualified specialists can react to individual and industry-specific requirements with specical configurations and customization, and implement these directly at the customer base.
Our Regulations:
Expert Technical Training: free on-the-spot training for facilities operation, maintenance knowledge and related topics by senior engineers.
Installation, Commissioning Services: providing instructions for on-site installation, commissioning work until all new plants are in acceptance.
Maintenance Service: In warranty, free maintenance and replacement service for damaged parts (except the wearing parts and the ones damaged for the incorrect operation).
Long-term Technical Advisory Services: answer technical questions, deliver guidance to dealing with difficult problems at any time.
Rapid Response Services: from the learning of running failure, resolvent will be afforded in six hours.
Life Service: During warranty, all damaged parts are supplied at cost price.